Full hands, Full Heart

With Mother's day coming up I wanted to document this season of life that I'm in, raising Blake & Ellery and loving every minute of it. Two arms full of babies and a heart full of that fierce and stubborn mama bear kind of love. If you are pregnant or you're a mama you've probably heard it a million times by veteran mamas, "Don't blink! It goes too fast! " Well here I am, not blinking.

Enjoy these photos from our table mountain session with fellow chico photographer the super talented Lindsey King! 

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Samantha McPherrin
The Calling

I had someone ask me the other day "So Sam, how did you get so into photography?"

I was honestly stumped in that moment, I think I responded with something like "Oh, I guess I just picked up a camera and never looked back!"

I knew in my heart that it was more than that, I just didn't have my elevator pitch, one liner answer yet….

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